Emotional Sparks

Did you ever watch a magic trick being performed flawlessly and wonder “How was that possible?” What you witnessed was a skill that was created because all of the elements and actions involved were perfectly achieved and flawlessly performed. Everything “came together” and left you mesmerized.

Our senses have everything to do with triggering our emotions. When we “see, touch, hear, smell, or taste” something so unique—so magical—we absolutely cannot help being spellbound. It could be a decadent dessert, the touch of a loved one’s face, a spectacular event, a beautiful flower, or an unforgettable melody. We find that through our senses our emotions are sparked. These feelings can sometimes last a lifetime.

I was seven years old the first time that I heard the Beatles on the radio that my mom kept on top of the refrigerator. The station played their recording of “She Loves You.” When I heard this song, something inside of me became aware that this sound was absolute magic. This entire song production was a blend of sounds that were so new, so exiting, that it stirred my emotions. I will never forget, even at the tender age of seven, the impact that my sense of hearing had allowed me to experience. I realized the sheer power of music.

As I became aware of other songs by the Beatles, along with the rest of the bands during the early “British Invasion,” I was similarly affected. All these years later, I can still recall the warm smell of our little overworked tube record player whenever I hear one of these songs. My sense of hearing and my sense of smell must have had such an impact, that my brain recalls the magic.

When I first heard Frankie Laine sing “Jezebel” from a clip during a retrospective of The Ed Sullivan Show when I was a young teenager, my sense of hearing revealed another moment of spectacular enchantment. Coupled with being able to see Frankie singing, was absolutely thrilling. I could easily understand why audiences during the 1950s were entranced. I was experiencing this spectacular feeling a decade later.

I felt passionate about this singer—combining voice and emotion, that I knew I had to hear more from his career. I vowed then to try to begin collecting every song recorded by Frankie Laine. The path of my Laine collecting “avocation” had begun.

I still am active in building my Frankie Laine library of works. I want to be able to collect all I can from his entire career. Frankie still brings me great joy, not only through his large body of career work, but also from the memories I have of him personally. Besides being a colossal talent, he was a kind and thoughtful soul to his friends and fans. And he was very kind to me.

The moments that perk up one or more of our senses truly do have a positive and lasting impact. Thrills provoke our senses throughout a lifetime. Recollections bring these experiences to the forefront, and they become alive once again.

Through the years, I have had my senses heightened by many entertainers. They bring much happiness. There have been writers, actors, musicians, singers, dancers and more who have created magic moments in my life. These artists invoke a sense of awe. I find myself wondering how can all the pieces fit together so flawlessly to create true art? This art fuels the senses. It leaves lasting impressions. This is what Frankie Laine and his music has given to me (and millions of others all over the world). It is nothing short of pure magic.