A New Project

Recently, my wife, Marlene, and I were talking about what I would do to keep myself occupied upon my retirement this fall. Marlene knows I want to “brush up” on my drumming skills and possibly get back into a band to play for the fun of it. I had mentioned this to her a couple of years ago. Will this ever happen? Perhaps not. We will see. I was a professional drummer for 16 years prior to starting college in 1991. Somehow, the urge to play drums onstage again has never really left me.

Marlene then suggested that I create a video of Frankie Laine performances over the years and share it by showing it at nursing homes. After all, older Iowans would appreciate Frankie Laine’s music. This would bring back fond youthful memories! I thought this was a wonderful idea. Marlene realized that I could use my vast library of Laine works to assemble a video—perhaps a half hour in length. She also knows I create and produce videos at my Iowa State Capitol office as part of my career.

From 2013 to 2015, I featured some of my Laine material—both audio and video, including rare collectables in a class-like setting for seniors and baby boomers called Remembering Frankie Laine. There is a video promo of this presentation I assembled on YouTube. It has garnered near 20,000 views!

The presentation was difficult. Loading and unloading stuff in my car was especially difficult. On top of that, I had to set up and tear down at the venues. It was like being a drummer during my band days all over again! After each presentation, I then had to repack my car and unload it all when I got home again.

Marlene’s idea of a video production really appealed to me. I could take a disc or hard drive to each venue and simply play it for the patron! The only difficult work would be to assemble the video.

I am starting out by building an outline of Laine material I want to use in the video. I also want to keep the name Remembering Frankie Laine. This name really lends itself to Frankie’s legacy of music.

Believe me, it is not an easy task to go through my collection and locate Laine footage. Upon locating the footage I have chosen, which happen to live on several DVDs, each disc has to be “opened” to be able to copy its computerized files. Each performance I choose will be placed onto my video software tracks into the video sequence established. This all takes a great deal of patience.

My biggest dilemma is going to be performances to add to my production. I have many ideas in my outline. I worry that I won’t be able to get all the footage I have chosen into a 30-minute video. Will I be able to add all of the cool footage I want to use? Considering my audience, I must keep the video from being too long. I must make certain that I am satisfied, too. I want to be able to present at these venues with full confidence that I have assembled a great piece for viewing.

The finished video will be great. I will be able to spend time presenting and entertaining people. I believe entertaining is what I was meant to do on this planet. That’s why I was a working drummer in bands for all those years. I can entertain and honor Frankie Laine’s legacy of music.

This endeavor will provide happiness to a lot of senior citizens. I will enjoy showing the video knowing I am continuing the musical legacy of Frankie Laine. Marlene is right. This will be a great pastime for me.

Thanks, honey!